Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Prague Team Meeting #8

If eight team meetings sounds like a lot to you for a short term team, it is. In our case, I'm glad we have so many of these meetings scheduled, and that our trip is actually a few weeks later in the summer, because we are currently finding ourselves in the middle of a second pivot. If you've been around Ember for a while, or cross cultural excursions in general, you know that plan A almost never works out. Instead, it's plan B. Ember moves down the alphabet fast sometimes.

We were originally going to do some traveling for Camp Juice. Logistics for that didn't quite land. Then we moved forward with another plan - using elements of a waterpark. Except I forgot a major detail - we did not have unlimited access to this. This week has been a lot of pivoting including changes in our decompression lodging and two awesome local projects that we had hoped might work out for our students but fell through.

We outlined Plan C tonight. 4 team meetings left, 16 days before departure. Sticking with Plan C would be nice. We also prayed for each Camp Juice student by name - that might be our time best spent.

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