Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Burn

::: Join Wall Street. Save the World
Jason Trigg went into finance to make as much money as he could so he could give it away.

::: The Way to Produce a Person
David Brooks pushes back on the idea outlined in the above article and he's got some good points.
Third, and most important, I would worry about turning yourself into a means rather than an end. If you go to Wall Street mostly to make money for charity, you may turn yourself into a machine for the redistribution of wealth. You may turn yourself into a fiscal policy.

Both are worth reading and contemplating what we do with a generation that is very very ready to change the world. I think you will agree, at a minimum, it requires some solid teaching on vocation and calling.

::: How to Give a Killer Presentation
By the guy that runs TED. Yeah. Read it and put it into practice.

::: Please, keep your day job.
It's this idea that if you’re a "true" creative, freelancer, entrepreneur then anything less than working for yourself is heresy, a compromise, a lack of integrity as an artist, etc. Who told you that? Those guys are idiots.

::: In the New Testament Church, conversion is your commission, or baptism is your ordination. Take your pick. - @alanhirsch

Photo: Chinatown, Washington DC. June 2013.

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