Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Burn

::: The Ends of the Road
Road ends around the world, via google maps.
Link via kottke

::: Why Small Churches are the Next Big Thing
There's no better place to express or sense that kind of love-leadership than in a small church. For this reason, I believe small churches are uniquely poised to meet the needs of Millennials and perhaps turn the tide on the trend of the unchurched.
No, megachurches won’t disappear, despite all the predictions to the contrary. And I hope they don’t. I hope any church preaching
Christ and His gospel of grace continues to continue its good work.

::: Lifts and Skyscrapers
This week Kone, a Finnish liftmaker, announced that after a decade of development at its laboratory in Lohja, which sits above a 333-metre-deep mineshaft which the firm uses as a test bed, it has devised a system that should be able to raise an elevator a kilometre (3,300 feet) or more. This is twice as far as the things can go at present. Since the effectiveness of lifts is one of the main constraints on the height of buildings, Kone’s technology—which replaces the steel cables from which lift cars are currently suspended with ones made of carbon fibres—could result in buildings truly worthy of the name “skyscraper”.

::: Twitter Metadata Visualizations

Photo: scheming: Ben Cloud and I, Queen Creek, AZ, July 2012.

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