Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ember Board of Director Notes - May 2013

I'm very very fortunate to have the support of a great group of people known as The Ember Cast board of directors. They have enough faith and hope in the overall vision of this little tribe that they give me a lot of latitude and freedom to experiment with 'running' a nonprofit. Notice the term running in quotes.

Our last board meeting was a few weeks ago and here are some bullet points that might be interesting to you if you find yourself in a role with some kind of organizational leadership.

+ Although we decided to hire a marketing person in late 2012, I put a hold on that in the Spring when considering what the summer might look like and the finances with that, which I'm glad I did. The money we saved help fund purchasing airfare early enough for a good deal.
+ We reviewed some of our large projects this year so far. 2013 has been an amazing, amazing year.
+ We also reviewed the current status on Ember X including making sure the financial model was clear. Since we are so small, we don't have a lot of financial margin.
+ Talked in brief about the other summer projects.
+ Listing what guides are on the move this summer.
+ Our core competencies are getting to be more competent. Creative revenue is a concept that resonates with a lot of people.
+ Personally, it's been an interesting year with our oldest going into high school. The time and energy demands are greater and with that, the challenges of being bi-vocational are bigger.
+ We still believe in the connection economy.

I never envisioned myself working with a board of directors, talking about things like finances and marketing, trying to move a small but passionate group of people forward along a shared vision. Great for an ENTJ. And this is something that happens when you give yourself permission.

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