Monday, June 03, 2013

Ember X team mtg #7

An afternoon in DC with the Ember X team and special guest, ARotolo, guide and former intern.

:: Visiting National Community Church at their Barracks Row site
+ NCC is easily one of the most innovative and creative churches on the East Coast.
+ Ember highly values exposing high school students to different expressions of Church and that is going to look a lot different when they are our age. Missions experiences naturally lend themselves to experience Church in a different medium.

:: Dinner in Chinatown at Fuddruckers [yeah yeah I know. We went to Chinatown to have burgers.]
+ Logistically challenging to find a place to eat for 10 people on a Saturday night. So we wanted counter service somewhere.

:: A walk around Chinatown while the team focused on cultural icons.
+ Identifying icons helps inform us what is both different from our own culture as well as what is important in this new culture we are in.
+ Learning to think like a missionary at home requires us to observe what is really important in our own culture.
+ Sometimes these icons are not physically present but subtle and under the surface.

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