Wednesday, June 26, 2013

AZ - 2005 to 2013

From the archives.... February 23, 2005 - a comment from our infamous friend Ben Cloud back when he authored a blog called Praying Mantis [hence the initials PM]. This comment sparked our first shared project together, an experience in missional imagination. In July of 2005, I flew out, sight unseen, and spent a few days serving with him and his students, sleeping in his living room and having meals with his beautiful family. That was part 1. [The image is a screen shot of exported comments from a previous commenting system...]

Part 2 was in 2010. Part 3 was in 2012. Part 4 started yesterday when Wendy Usher landed for the beginning of a 5 week experience with Amadeo Church and Ben and a Grace student team serving there in the middle. We haven't decided how many parts this is going to have.

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