Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Burn

::: How Churches Can Help Students and their Careers
Only 38% of youth pastors and 36% of senior pastors say they frequently discuss college plans with their students... Only 1% of youth workers say they had addressed issues related to science in the last year and a similarly small percentage had taught about creativity or the arts.
This is quite unfortunate. If you are a youth worker reading this post, I implore you to talk to your students about vocation and calling.

::: Listening to Young Atheists
When a Christian foundation interviewed college nonbelievers about how and why they left religion, surprising themes emerged.

::: Rachel's Gift
My absolute favorite Charity:Water story.

::: It Starts with 100 Million.... Bible downloads that is.
And while 100 million sounds like a lot, we know it’s nowhere close to what’s possible. In fact, we like to say it starts with 100 million. Our faith has expanded to believe that Bible engagement could be transformed not only for this generation, but generations to come.

Photo: Deanna, my wife. She always wanted to be Chinese. ;-) Washington DC, June 2013.

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