Friday, November 05, 2010

Latest Kindling

Hello Nov Ember! Got a few crazy weeks up ahead - but all very generative.

+ Advancing Churches in Missions Commitment DMV conference in 2 weeks - would love to meet you if you are going to be there.
+ Ember's board of directors meets officially for the first time next week. Praying for summer 2011 is on the agenda.
+ Very much looking forward to Ember Salisbury Cast. I'm sure the students there are still amazing as last time.
+ A leadership event proposal I helped write was accepted - the Leadership Collective - scheduled for late January 2011. I am almost sure I bit off more than I can chew. Learning by doing.
+ Had to make some adjustments with the interns - both of them are overwhelmed with senior year, jobs, college apps, their small groups and Friday night youth ministry outreach leadership opportunities. It's a lesson in contextualization - I'm not going to pull them out of where they are already making an impact to 'teach' them about leading.

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