Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Tracking Some Global Leadership

So Capetown came to a close - sounded like a pretty amazing experience and I loved being able to read a ton about it. So thankful for the technology to be able to do that.

You might imagine that I was most interested in the topic of global leadership [see this post - related to this advance paper.] Kind of a no-brainer - if we are going to have successful teams, mission organizations, churches, nonprofits, social enterprises, etc., the people that lead them are going to have to be solid. And since 99% of all leaders are not born, someone somewhere has to intentionally do the difficult work to cultivate and grow them.

I was disappointed in the CapeTown session for only reviewing the current gaps in leadership. Granted I wasn't there so I might be wrong on this but it didn't seem like there was any focus on the bright spots of people developing global leaders with positive results.

In light of that, here's a few global leadership initiatives that I'm tracking:
Leadership XP
Christian Associates
Fuller MAGL
National Community Church Proteges
Mosaic proteges
Acumen Fund Global Fellows
[Tracking mostly meaning that I've got google reader searches turned on for them...]

One BIG caveat to these - most of them have a big Western American context. What kind of global leadership movements are you watching?

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