Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 45

Four things happened last week. I'm still in awe. And I'm probably writing this down so I remember.

1 - I officially declined a leadership opportunity. I'd been serving in this realm in a temporary status for about two years and although it's a great opportunity, it's not quite in my sweet spot. I'm being obscure on purpose but those of you close to us probably can guess what this is. Suffice to say that after I gave the official word, there was a huge sense of relief. Maybe tell you more one day.

2 - The very day I declined, somehow my name made an internet list. I will be the first to tell you that the other people on this list are amazing - many of them inspire me and I almost always click all the links when this thing comes out every month. So I'm humbled and flattered to be thought of in the same manner. Making the list was not about the arrival somewhere. In the context of this particular day, it was confirmation about my earlier decision.

3 - I met with the Ember board for our first official meeting. As you might imagine, I don't know much about running boards. What I do know is that I value each one of these board members as friends and co-conspirators. What I had no idea about was how much each of them believe in Ember and the challenge they would put forth to really run this thing so we could serve more and more students. Their vision scared and awakened me. We throw fire.

4 - Finally, attending and sharing at the ACMC conference. The combination of sharing what we learned, interacting with some friends about the material, and being at a conference which really was implicitly about the future - all of it was so generative for me.

And so.... this week?