Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And Even More Mission Support Letter Metrics

Ok.... even more data.... For what it's worth...

First, some contextual notes about the data:
+ Support raising for oveseas teams, not domestic. Domestic data points were filtered out.
+ Majority of team members are high school kids. Support base is therefore going to include families [support letters sent to your best friends' parents, etc.]
+ Demographics include affluent part of the US [mid atlantic], home church is a large suburban church.

$ Total Donations:$26731$23409$38806$110295
# of Donations:381277385732
# of Teams:2123
# People:18133251
# Donations/Person:21211214
# Donations/Team: 190277192244
$ Support/Person:$1,485$1,801$1,213$2,163
$ Avg Donation:$70$85$101$151

A few observations:
+ 2007 and 2008 saw a drop in the # of donations per person. I suspect this has a direct correlation to how many letters each team member sends out. The support letter process is one that has a direct relationship between effort and result.
+ 2008 saw an increase in average donation [not to mention an increase in expenses.] Even in a troubled economy.
+ I think that the trend of average donation increasing is largely due to momentum as our process for student missions matured. You would see similar trends for the number of students involved, number of returning leaders, etc. People notice other people getting serious.

Feel free to use this as you need for some kind of sounding board if you track the same kind of thing.

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