Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Burn

:: Cell Phone Blood Tester
Using only an LED, plastic light filter and some wires, scientists at UCLA have modded a cellphone into a portable blood tester capable of detecting HIV, malaria and other illnesses.

:: Helping 1bn of the poorest see better
What if it were possible, he thought, to make a pair of glasses which, instead of requiring an optician, could be "tuned" by the wearer to correct his or her own vision? Might it be possible to bring affordable spectacles to millions who would never otherwise have them?
The implications of bringing glasses within the reach of poor communities are enormous, says the scientist. Literacy rates improve hugely, fishermen are able to mend their nets, women to weave clothing.
Link via Ben

:: Serving with an NGO or the US government?
This test probably will give you a good idea on how well you will do.

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