Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your Portfolio

From the NY Times 2008 in Ideas...
Zeke M. Vanderhoek, the founding principal of the Equity Project Charter School, opening next fall in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, says he wants to attract "highly qualified individuals "to teach at his school. To be hired, according to the school’s Web site, you need to be able to prove you have "expert subject-area knowledge," present a "portfolio of achievement of past students" and score above 90 percent on the verbal section of a graduate-school entrance test... [emphasis mine]
I'm interested in your portfolio of past students - because your role with students is just as important as a teacher, if not more. Does your portfolio of achievement have students that:

- aren't afraid to try new things and perhaps even fail at a few of them.
- serve the marginalized and build momentum for their friends to do the same.
- leverage their understanding of culture and context for the sake of others.
- act as though the sake of the world is in their hands.

Because your past performance is the best indicator for your future success.

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