Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2 in January

Starting in January, two friends of mine are leaving the country, both on quite the adventure.

Di is going to be joining the World Race for 11 months. The World Race is an offshoot of Adventures In Missions, who I have a ton of respect for.

AK [cryptic name on purpose] is going to be doing a fellowship for 6 months in Asia with one of the premier social justice organizations.

Had I continued on in my role as student missions coordinator, I would have expended a lot of effort to bring both of them on as leaders for 2009. Not only were they students from our ministry turned into leaders, they have hearts of servants, solid experience in other cultures and a disposition towards empowering students.

Oh, and they know that it's up to them. And there isn't much time left. And if you can't help them affect humanity, that's okay. They'll find another way.

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