Thursday, June 19, 2008

2008 England Team - R3 Festival

Here is the promo video for the music festival that our 2008 England team is going to be involved in this summer. Looks way cool doesn't it - makes me want to go along. Assisting with this music festival in the city of Manchester is the short view. The long view includes the team:
- catalyzing movement and energy for a church plant.
- understanding ministry in an urban, multi-pluralistic context.
- serving with a local, indigenous team run by nephew of our team leader JBourque.
- the leadership farm also includes JKemper [2006Baltimore], RHossick [2006LA], JMoy [2007NYC], LynnB [2007NYC]. MMcKee, who rounds out this leader team, is a new leader to SPACE this summer

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