Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet Hungary Leader - ErinOB

Erin serves vocationally in the GCC student ministry office where she is the high school administrator. If you've been around students for long, you can picture the chaos - sunday morning services with music, teaching, welcoming new people; any kind of nonsunday outreach evenings [every other Friday during the year, much more informal Thursdays during the summer]; facilities management [hey who used my amp last?]; two retreats a year [where are we going, how come the buses smell so bad?]; and the drama that sometimes is part of hanging with students. Not to mention, she is SPACE's inside connection to the church office. This kind of chaos might drive others crazy, but Erin is a adaptable arranger, and therefore loves it and excels in this kind of environment - fast moving and lots of disparate parts as we move towards the goal of preparing students for any culture and any locality.

Erin has had tons of different student ministry experience - before GCC, she was on staff with Young Life. She also came through CpR as a high schooler. She's definitely got a heart for Europe and those that don't know yet. Erin is also our one leader that is doing two trips back to back - Hungary, a tiny break in France and on to Cameroon. What a crazy idea...

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