Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday RocketFuel

::: ESunde in Ghana
For those of you keeping score at home, ESunde has arrived in Nalerigu, Ghana.

::: Ideas Into Reality
Brad Lomenick - head of Catalyst - outlines how they turn ideas into reality.
1. Create
2. Criticize
3. Optimize
4. Validate
5. Execute
Two things stuck out to me:
1 - Create - the language of "yes and" not "but or" in the brainstorm phase. Saying "yes and" is much more empowering - not to mention scary and exhilarating.
2 - Execution - "if it has gone through the entire process and made it to this point, the idea deserves the attention and focus to make sure it happens." To me, the execution phase is the most difficult and I think SPACE can get a lot better at it.

::: Church Planting in Sopron
[Hungary team - check it out yo.]

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