Monday, January 07, 2008

Futurecasting with LinkedIn

"The future is embedded in the present." - mindset #9 from Mind Set!, John Nasbitt
Here are some fun job titles - and the appropriate search term - I pulled out of some searches within my LinkedIn network. LinkedIn is like Facebook for your professional and career life. It's good, if you have a real job or are searching for one, you should sign up.

And if I picked your job title, feel free to add me to your network.

"organic church"
Independent Missional Church Leader
Missionary in Residence
Lead Pastorpreneur

"international development"
International & Linguistic Product Management

"global leadership"
Director, Leadership Development
Leadership & Talent Consultant
Thought Leader, Community Leader, Software Architect

"global missionary"
Church Mobilization Director

"global youth"
Creative Cultural Youth Communicator
youth counselor; budding data analyst
Creator of Powerful Ideas
Director of All Things Fun, Meaningful and Rewarding

"cultural anthropology"
Education Abroad Professional and Applied Anthropologist
Cultural Exchange & Conflict Transformation Professional
culture/technology catalyst

In other words, who says you can't?

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