Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday RocketFuel

::: Don't Think Out of the Box
"We're always told to think outside the box. But it's about time someone spoke up for the box. Because, paradoxically, thinking inside a box can spark creativity, not squelch it. So maybe you don't need to think out of the box. Maybe you just need a new one to think in."
One of the best thoughts on creativity I've read recently. [Some real SPACE boxes – wordless book, Pirates and Treasures and community parks – all three of them were firecrackers for creativity with students.]

::: Are you a Connector?
Gladwell's test, originally published in The Tipping Point [which I'm re-skimming right now – fabulous book!] D scored in the 90s. She also has Connectedness as a StrengthsFinder theme.

::: The Value of The Britney Spears Economy
Yeah yeah. Say what you will, but if you don’t think Britney is significant in our culture, read the article again.

::: YWAM Urban Ministries - City Navigator
Make sure to play with the Fast City Navigator.

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