Thursday, January 24, 2008

Historical Summer Milestones

We are about seven to ten days away from publishing our summer team experiences. If you are following along with our processes, systems and milestones, we recently got sign off from the director of youth ministries, flushed out partnerships and then made declarations of intent to our overseas hosts, and gave the heads up to the Missions Task Force. Between now and the big reveal, our leader teams will be mostly finalized. Elder team approval is next as students are put on teams. Then it's support raising, team preparation, logistic planning and that kind of fun. I make it sound so simple don't I?

Here is a rough time table for decision dates in the past few years for overseas teams I have led and when decisions were finalized as to our destinations. We are going to say for 2008 that it's January 31st, just for grins. For more laughs, look at 2005....

March 2nd

March 26th

May 11th

[ps - I think I've posted about this before...]

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