Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Expansion of SPACE (4 of 4)

#4 - Outside of the GCC network
When SPACE started, one of the defining ideas was synergy with "big church" by overseas teams serving with GCC and the families that were already intentionally serving in other cultures. It continues to make the most sense in a lot of areas including trust, expertise and momentum.

In the last four years, we've met many people that would love to host a SPACE team. Open invitations have come places like Australia, Paraguay, Thailand, Indonesia, and France. Some of these invitations have come from personal friends who love the idea of hosting a team and I of course would love to introduce SPACE kids to old friends. And it would be amazing to capitalize on some of those invitations. Like I've said before, there are tons of missionaries that would love to partner with that understand partnership, preparation and culture.

Of course, this expansion has to be done the right way, first and foremost with well seasoned, trusted leaders that understand the core DNA of GCC and what SPACE endeavors to accomplish. Apart from the usual characteristics of our high impact leaders, these leaders also need to be decisive, risk takers and very discerning. They also need to be humble connectors.

What we potentially gain is more influence and impact while mobilizing students to serve in other various cultures and localities. What I personally gain is less control by enabling some other leaders to move as the Spirit calls them. I'm thinking that's okay. At least right now.

This expansion creates a broader scope of SPACE, which could be good or bad. It might look like experiences are less strategic or that experiences are chosen more randomly than they should be. But once again, this is heavily reliant on our team of people that understand why SPACE exists.

In either case, it's an acceptable experiment. Because the Church of the future will contain those that don't presently know. Because you and I know some of these leaders of this Church, right now. And because the Spirit will guide them to move the Kingdom beyond our imagination or abilities. That is the essence of mobilization.

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