Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Expansion of SPACE (3 of 4)

#3 - Mobilizing: More middle schoolers
The second demographic that SPACE needs to expand is our current middle school students. Middle schoolers have been under SPACE's charge since the beginning. Although we have done a fair amount with these hyper, hormonal, imbalanced yet precious kids, we would love to do more.

How about something like:
- Short seminar series about world religions.
- Local Islamic mosque tours and Buddhist temple visits.
- More depth into serving with ministries that are focused on international and ethnic groups in the States.
- Resourcing more of our high school students to help assist with some of this middle school focus. Yes, another leadership pipeline.

Selfishly, the better we do at equipping these two age groups [including 3rd - 5th graders, from yesterdays post], we will have more culturally-intelligent and culturally-adept students when they get to high school. And that is only good for the future.

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