Friday, August 13, 2004

NYC end of trip prayer letter

Here is the email I sent out to our prayer supporters...
Dear Friends,

Thank you for once again praying for one of the seemingly many mission
experiences that I have been privileged enough to be a part of this
Last week, I and another leader took 7 high school students to NYC to
work with a ministry called Urban Impact NY, whose focus is on
unreached people groups who live in the city. Most of these immigrant
ethnic groups are typically from unreached parts of the world -
meaning that the area of the world that they move from has no
evangelical church, no missionary and they have a zero percent chance
of hearing about Jesus even if they desired to.
Urban Impact has a strategy of reaching these ethnic neighborhoods for
Christ with the eventual goal of planting culturally relevant
evangelical churches in each one of these ethnic groups.
Some of the highlights of the trip included:
- helping teach an ESL class to West Africans and Bangladeshi people in Queens
- running kids clubs in parks in various neighborhoods
- store to store and coffee shop ministry through Little Egypt in Queens
owners about culture
- prayer walking through Brighton Beach and Coney Island

Ethnic groups that we were exposed to included:
- various West African people groups
- Sikhs and Punjabi Indians
- Bangladeshis
- various Arab and Muslim
- Afghan and Pakistanis
- Jewish Russian
- Greek

Overall, we had about 40 significant conversations with people and
roughly 8 decisions for Christ throughout the week. Also significant
was the fact that the team felt like we were a small part of God's
movement through NYC with the strategy that Urban Impact was

So, thank you for your prayers and support. Your partnership was
integral to the work that we did, and be encouraged that God is moving
through His Body to reach the nations at the crossroads of the world -
New York City.
For the Mission
- tony

PS - If you are local and want to hear more about all the GCC youth
summer missions, there is a big missions party on 8/22. Contact me
and I can get you all the details.

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