Saturday, August 07, 2004


still working through reentry. ive been journaling all morning. my feet hurt from so much walking through the city and i've got some pretty permanent grime on my heels from walking in tevas every day. ive also been looking at all the pictures from this past week this morning, just reliving and remembering the week.
there is always a point of sadness at the experience being over. and there will be times when you can't talk to anyone about it, because they just won't understand. And there will be times when you want to talk for hours about it, and no one will be quite that interested.
this was a cool picture that i took, its from the inside of the mall near the bottom of Central Park - the Shops at Columbus Center, the Time Warner building, shooting out the windows. it was an awesome day in NYC, white puffy clouds, lots of sun, perfect temperature.
it's not one of my favorite pictures, those are in the previous posts, those pictures mean lives changed. but i like this one too.

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