Thursday, February 16, 2012

Student Missions Systems - GRACE

This is Carver, who is running the student missions efforts this summer for Grace, leading a gathering of parents and students interested in summer missional experiences. You might note the large crowd of both parents and students that filled this interest meeting.

There are, however, other things you should note.
+ Carver had a whole team of people that worked behind the scenes to get to this point. When you deliver a strategy for student missions to parents, you have already done a lot of work thinking about values and how destinations may meet those goals.
+ Safety is always a question parents have. The world is not safe but you do your best to make dangerous students.
+ Although this is a midpoint milestone for Carver and her lead team, this a starting milestone for these students and parents. The rest of the process includes team preparation, prayer and financial support raising, execution of the experiences and engaging students when they come back.
+ Carver frames her conversation with these parents as setting up these teams for success. Hence the process, which seems like a lot. It works well.
+ In terms of organizational culture, this is happening in the midst of a large church putting a lot of energy behind global missions for around 8 years. It doesn't happen overnight.

Disclosure: Ember is not associated with Grace Community Church although my family and I attend Grace. Grace is one of Ember's 2012 clients.

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