Wednesday, February 01, 2012

February Kindling

+ Thanks to all of you who have asked and prayed for Deanna this past month. The short story is that she was diagnosed with diabetes and had a few other rounds of other medical specialist visits. Most of those have come back clean with the exception of maybe taking out her gall bladder in a few months. We are navigating low carb/low sugar meals.
+ Cup cakes are still endangered in our house now, just in a different way.
+ Brought on a business development expert to do some training for students involved on our summer teams for their Creative Revenue Plan. People seem to love this when I tell them about it.
+ One intern out of three has continued on from Fall to Spring. It's a busy life these high school kids live these days. Learning about global leadership isn't the status quo.
+ Applications for Fall 2012 high school interns are open. A new requirement is that students do this through school mentorship programs. In this case, a deeper commitment provides more opportunity. I realize we may have no interns in the fall. If you know someone, send them my way.
+ After sending out tons of emails to youth mission people, we are tweaking one dream project for this summer, while another one gathers momentum and the third sits idle.
+ The two youth workers I'm coaching [I use that term loosely] have got some bold stuff going on this summer - so cool to see. Will be posting some of these better practices later.
+ I'm speaking at our middle school ministry service this Sunday. My harshest critic will be my 8th grader.

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