Monday, February 27, 2012

Preparing to Prepare

Some Ember guides and I had our first planning session to prepare for some short term missions training. This one looks similar to, from many moons ago, Mission Advance, one of my favorite experiences ever. Similar in that we will be on the move for some of the time, the experience will be focused on building teams and adaptability will be required for everyone, including our team that runs the whole show.

The majority of short term mission teams are vastly unprepared, mostly because they don't take the time to prepare to function together as a team. Fix that singular issue and you've fixed 50% of the issues.

Some of the values we are trying to deliver via this experience include adaptability, flexibility, embracing chaos and servant leadership. Oh yeah, we are going to throw in some of our favorites too.

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  1. I love how you included pictures of the cookies but not pictures of you. We can see what is important. :)

  2. haha subliminal ??? =)

    ps - hope you had a great time with the imn.