Monday, February 06, 2012

Teaching Notes - LC 5 Feb

My teaching notes from yesterday, where I spoke to Light Company, our middle school ministry. Notes pasted here below, slides here. Steal what you want, keeping in mind that middle school kids are not too young to learn missiological concepts.
intro - student missions | dteam leader way back | ember

the big idea - if you are walking with Jesus, you are a catalyst for His Kingdom
most amazing time in human history to be a jesus follower
catalyst requires you to live a heroic life - it was

lighter, firestarter, poppers
affluence, education, unique in this moment in human history, choice, optimism
more potential than any invention
in every apple there is an orchard

genesis 12
what the world looks like | global poverty | unreached people groups | urban migration
first world problems rap

2 - KNOW - filters | think
cultural distance
person of peace | lk 10

3 - DO
be a nice person - ST: guy in church who stole someones seat
get to know someone different than you
move from awareness to action
granola bars in your car - homeless ST: stalking homeless man
cupcakes for compassion
take the first step of an adventure
courage, bravery, risk, faith, adventure - this is what christianity looks like
this is the life you want to live
ending story


  1. Good reminders. Look forward to your folk coming to do all that learning here!

    How do some of these dates look:

    June 15-20th

    Our Irish crew is coming in august - but you guys are in school then right?

  2. hey b - sent you an email. exciting!