Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Missionaries IRL

I love the fact that every year for interns is always very different. 2006 included ESunde planning a missions weekend for her class. In 2008, Tricia and Elly and some others attended Humana with me as well as saw first hand the planning for a team of 26 to Europe. Last year, John and Andrew met a bunch of local people doing some amazing things here in our area.

This year is starting off with at least two opportunities for the interns to sit down with some people that serve overseas long term - you know real live missionaries - in real life! The chance to do this doesn't happen everyday so I'm excited for these conversations. Donna and Ryan are sponges and are going to soak up as much as they can.

Funny thing - the 'missionary call' doesn't grow on us the longer we do this. Not to say that someday it wouldn't happen, but we don’t feel a call to leave our current home. The longer we do this, though, the more passionate we get about catalyzing suburban, highly brilliant, truly inspiring high school students to care about the world. Part of that is working hard to help them meet fantastic people like these because time with real missionaries help make new ones.

Tell you more about these gatherings soon.

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