Friday, September 10, 2010

Summer 2010 Listening - Di

I had lunch with Di Dinnis - she was on the World Race in 2009 and before that served in the student ministry at GRACE. She's now getting ready for another WR of sorts - she's traveling with a WR team for 4 months as a squad leader. Di will help them prep for the first part of their race and then turn over leadership. She will then return to the team in month 8 and help them start to debrief their trip. You read that right - they start debriefing 3 months before they come home.

I've heard nothing but great things about all the stuff Adventures in Missions [who run The World Race] does and lunch with Di continued to confirm this. Stuff like:
+ Choosing World Race teams includes: 3 days of observing people in various team building initiatives including immediate evaluation; MBTI, StrengthsFinder and personality test results; asking God to reveal the right combination of people and teams.
+ World Race teams have a feedback session every single night on how to better their team - based on the combination of trust and vulnerability and grace filled conversations. One principle they live by is to 'vent up.'
+ Ask God and then life happens. While on the field, everyone gets some time every day to 'ask God' about what they should be doing with that time and the freedom to execute on it.
+ Most team members have to take a blogging seminar during training camp.

Teams and preparation are two vital pieces of preparing young people to make a difference. Not only does Adventures seem to be a great model on how to prepare people and teams, we would all be better if we followed their posture of an organization that is constantly learning how to do it even better.

+ Best debriefing resources from Seth Barnes, pres of Adventures
+ Seth's recap of what some WR alumni are doing now ]

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