Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Summer 2010 Listening - Trevin

Ember guide Trevin traveled to South Africa for 6 weeks this summer. He's had an incredible trajectory, starting in 2006 when he was on one of our teams serving in DC for a week. The subsequent summers were England+Hungary, Hungary+Cameroon and, last summer, Belgium, where he connected with some people planning World Cup festivities for 2010 in South Africa. Intersect that with his interest in international community development and his love for soccer and he initiated some plans that he executed this summer.

Some of Trevin's time was spent with an org called Keep Them Safe which used the opportunity of the World Cup to gather and create momentum for the community via sports, the arts, culture and entrepreneurship. Trevin visited and helped local teams with this org in a different spots within South Africa including locations and around Cape Town and Pretoria. Although all of his stories are great ones, I loved hearing how he concentrated on observing and identifying local, indigenous leadership with Keep Them Safe. He embodies two key characteristics of leaders: they identify other leaders and they contextualize.

Plenty more stories and pictures on his blog - make sure to read the one about the bread of life.

Lots of people dream, some people initiate, even fewer execute. Finding the ones that do all three is arduous and joyous. Empowering and releasing them is even something else - let's continue. The world is desperate for them.

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