Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Burn

Lots of Burn, since I’ve been away. If I don’t say myself, this is a pretty great list.

::: On the Ground, Pakistan
Chris Anderson [from TED] and Jacqueline Novogratz and their first hand accounts on Pakistan. See and They make the short list for that question, "If you had to bet humanity's future on someone..."

::: TEDxChange - focused on the Millennium Development Goals
If you don’t know about the MDGs, you should do a little reading about them.Link

::: Where do people live in a borderless world?

::: The most isolated man on the planet

::: Expat raising kids in China
Lots of great stuff in here about parenting, culture and this big statement on global perspective:
Over the next 20 years, some 400 million people -- more than the entire population of the United States -- will move from the countryside to China's fast growing cities.
Read that sentence again - then grow your appetite for Chinese food.

::: Respecting the early adopter

::: World population maps by latitude and longitude
Check out the other stuff about maps via the menu on the left sidebar. Amazing stuff.

::: Almost Christian
Must read : Kenda Dean on faith and teenagers.
I get nervous when people think, "Oh, if we make teenagers go to church, they will be safe." I'm not convinced that Christ calls us to be safe. If you want teenagers to be safe–is a religion based on a guy who died on a cross out of divine love for others really the place to go?
The CNN article
Responses 1 and 2

::: The Global Cities Index

::: Bill Gates and Latrines

::: How panhandlers use free credit cards
Maybe not quite what you would have thought...

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