Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Hello Sept Ember

We had an amazing summer - definitely ranked as one of the best summers of my life, after probably the worst few months earlier this year. Thanks for still being here - some of the highlights:

+ Ember AZ
+ Niagara Falls with the fam. And... I got on a boat. You know me and boats - be proud of me, I overcame a fear, at least for an hour.
+ An 8 hour drive with our 12 year old, listening to her talk about Jesus, church, leadership and reaching this culture for greater things.
+ 2 weeks of listening to so many amazing people loving the whole world. Tell you some of those stories later.
+ The whole summer was a really rich time with our kids - even though we weren't totally together all summer, feel like as a family, we are really well connected right now.

Exciting stuff happening this Fall too - let's go.

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