Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Everyone Now Read Along

One major task that the interns are going to be doing this year is, surprise!, doing a good bit of reading. You've heard it before - leaders are readers. So the goal of this component is to give them a good bit of reading about cultures, leadership, the current state of the world and all that stuff. [Yes, as self serving as it seems, my blog is required reading. But hey, you are here aren't you...]

This component also subtly takes advantage of a different kind of state of the world - how technology is connecting us. It's a level of connectedness that is unprecedented and for the interns, it means a ton of great information for free. The challenge then is to do something with that information - you know the whole given much, much will be expected. Because knowledge and awareness can be influence.

Feel free to follow along if you want. No guarantee that you are going to love all of it, but if you like this blog, you'll probably find something in there is compelling. And of course, like everything here, take what you want and use it in your context.

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