Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Burn

::: Global Poverty and That Time of the Month
I'm totally surprised that conversations about global poverty don't include the topic of menstruation. [Wow, I actually wrote that...] This article also reminds me The Girl Effect - the profound impact made on poverty, families and communities when girls are given opportunities.
Link via Steve Knight

::: Francis Chan and his gatherings
Chan's long-term plan involves building the church without having a building. Associate pastor Matt Moore says the experiment is a way to find out how the church can grow without the limits of a building.
Article also mentions Soma Communities where some partners of Ember have visited.

::: If you really want to scare us these days, forget bullets and focus on that force of evil which truly threatens to destroy the good life we share here in Walnut Hills: Bedbugs.
Bart - I can relate....

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