Monday, October 19, 2009

More Missions Paradigms

I'm convinced missions support paradigms don't just affect missionaries. They are insightful into how we view engagement with culture, leadership development pipelines and tolerance, or lack thereof, for innovation.

Here are three more that I've found intriguing. Granted, there is not going to be a one-size-fits-all and you probably won't agree with every piece of any of them. Nor should you. But in some cases, we need to tweak, redefine or reinvent the way we "support" those in our community that serve elsewhere.

Partnership - Old vs. New
+ Old world models of partnership orbit around dollars. New world models of partnership orbit around shared vision, shared work, shared resources, and shared strategy.
+ Old world models of partnership focus on individual undividable resources like a funding a salary for a pastor or missionary. New world models of partnership focus on universally dividable resources.

The Funding Advocate
The Bible tells us to give to those in vocational ministry, but nowhere in Scripture are the vocational workers told to go out and "raise support."

Missionaries as a Part of Church Staff
Within a mutually agreeable time frame, we will work to redefine our relationship with our active missionaries so that they will be considered as members of our church’s ministerial staff, except that they will be seconded to their various missionary organizations, other than during furloughs.

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