Monday, October 05, 2009

Book Notes - Find Your Strongest Life

Find Your Strongest Life: What the Happiest and Most Successful Women Do Differently by Marcus Buckingham

If you've read anything by Marcus before, you know to expect clearly stated issues, compelling examples and stories, detailed analysis and measurements and, of course, well defined action steps. Find Your Strongest Life is no different - it is 100 percent Buckingham.

I most appreciated the 10 myths about the lives of women, mostly because they were surprising and because I live with three of them. They will probably surprise you as well and of course, Marcus revisits them later in the book for some actionable followup. Like did you know most kids don't want more time with their working mothers? Instead, they want their moms to have less stress. So the solution is for moms to decide how to live a strong life.

There were two other behaviors that I thought were especially useful. The first was his acronym for SIGN - Successful, Instinctive Anticipation, Growing and Learning and Needs Fulfilled. Having been used to the strengths language, these all continue to give clear and accurate terms to living a life that is generative, transformative and influencing. The second behavior was what he refers to as "Catch and Cradle" - the selection, identification and engagement of intersecting life's moments with your strengths.

Although I didn't get to the Strong Life Test - which I'm sure is very valuable - I can tell you that as a fan of Buckingham's other works, this is just as good. Strengths, talents, engagement, clarity, imbalance - classic Buckingham with a good bit of revelation into women - what man couldn't use that?

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