Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mission Hothouse

Of course, this is a draft....

The [name of some cool org or something] Hothouse is a one year mentorship focused on the concepts of global missions, world cultures and leadership development. Other core concepts include risk, multiplication, experimentation, long term perspective, catalytic behavior and the utilization of technology. The mentorship's goal is to spawn and multiply a community of high impact leaders from students who burn for the world.

Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of the mentorship, interns will have:
+ been well informed and equally inspired with regard to major issues surrounding global missions.
+ understood social dynamics as they relate to culture, worldviews and belief systems.
+ participated in a number of learning experiments involving creating community and mobilizing peers.
+ experimented with the art of catalytic leadership.
+ on site experiences with some of the leading practitioners for missional ministry in the Washington DC context.
+ gained an even greater passion for the world.

+ reading assignments will be done virtually.
+ small group discussions once every two weeks.
+ inherent use of technology include blogs, social networking sites, video chat venues.
+ one on site experiential experience once a month.
+ selected field observation assignments.
+ The context will be in the suburban Washington, DC area, with access to a myriad of suburban and urban ministry resources. Time requirements are estimated to be 30 hours per month.

Reading List:
Selected passages, The Bible
An Unstoppable Force, Erwin McManus
Waking the Dead, John Eldredge
The Forgotten Ways, Alan Hirsch
Selected blogs on missiology, leadership development and global issues.
Welcoming input on this.

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