Friday, February 13, 2009


Some enterprising people at Grace have started a social networking site for people in our church. If you are a part of Grace, click here to join. D and I have been bouncing some related thoughts around, like:

+ How much social media can ordinary people maintain?
+ What's the fine balance between a culture that is becoming more tribal and maintaining these kinds of affinity groups online?
+ Should our efforts in creating community move people away from open sets to closed sets? [ie - come join my social network which inherently separates you from all your other friends that I don't know - facebook to a church site]
+ The definition of friend is going to sway based on the context. On this site, aren't they all my friends?

All that to say, I think it's a cool idea and it will be fun to see how much momentum it gets. The site is built on, which is a platform that allows you to build your own social network site, based on whatever interest you choose. Long time readers might remember M, also built on, which is the latest creation from Marc Andressen, who created the first internet browser in the early 90s. [Yes, I used it.]

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