Monday, February 09, 2009

Latest Kindling

A quick recap of what's up around here:

+ Our plans for the NYC weekend are shaping up. There has been a slight change of context - the majority of the team we are facilitating is not going on overseas teams later this year, so this ends up being kind of their mission experience, instead of a prep weekend. Not quite the same thing, but still going to be a cool weekend.
+ We are taking the Megabus to NYC. We got tickets for $9 per person on the way up and $18 per person on the way back. A seat in the front, please.
+ Last week, I met with two high school juniors that were on my SPACE Hungary 2008 team last summer. The purpose of our meeting was to outline a mentorship structure for their senior year next year. Very similar to what ESunde did her senior year, these guys will be getting school credit for external projects in the area of global Christian missions. Um, yeah, they go to public high schools.
+ Speaking of ESunde, she is in Paris for the semester.
+ LeslieB is running an all female missions trip to San Francisco later. She is doing this experiment.
+ I'll be doing some urban migration for the next few months. Jacksonville later this month, New York in March and Los Angeles in April. Well, maybe not JAX, that would be southern migration.

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