Friday, March 02, 2007

Shift Session 5


- The Scriptures begin in a garden but end in a city - melding of different cultures - a flavor of what Heaven is going to be like - knitting people together because God has deposited a little bit of Himself in everyone.
- We've bought the cultural lie that young people are the future. David as a 13 year old was not the future. Mary was not the future as a virgin teenager. Esther was not the future winning a beauty pageant to save her people from genocide.
- When we were choosing birthing options, the Central Park petting zoo was not one of our options.
- Jesus ministry lasted for 3 years - hey middle school pastors, you have them for 3 years.
- Justice is about righting wrongs. You give your life to right the wrongs.
Full notes here. Good job Jeremy!
[Session 1 and 2 notes]

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