Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday Potpourri

[Not blogging the Shift conference today but will be back blogging it tomorrow.]

::: From an interview with John Eldredge at Infuze Mag:
In John 10, Jesus says, "My sheep hear my voice. They follow me." That's the whole deal right there. But I recognize that we weren't taught this. The Christianity in the West, for all kinds of reasons, has just become an exchange of information.

::: Two great reads on Europe
- At a growth of only 300,000 people per year, Northern Europe will likely increase from ninety-four million in AD 2000 to only 101 million in 2025. It is heavily urbanized and over eighty-three percent of the population lives in cities. Over 180 cities have a population of one million or more. Northern Europe has the third highest concentration of elderly in the world: twenty percent of the people are 65 or older.
- Western Europe is responsible for over half of Europe’s GNP, and sixteen percent of the global economy. It is not surprising that both France and Germany have been attracting tens of thousands of migrant workers.
- 234 least reached people groups still remain in Western Europe.
- An Overview of Western Europe
- Least Reached in Europe both via Lausanne World Pulse

::: Cafe 1040 - training for college students to work in the 10/40 window - also via Lausanne World Pulse

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