Sunday, March 04, 2007

Shift Conference Reflections

Some very quick reflections from the Shift Conference:

::: Much of what Darren said in Session 1 was not new to me. Even so, I'm glad he said it to an audience of youth workers. Most everything about the talk was representative of what missionaries know about culture and what youth workers know but don't realize. For instance:
- "User created content" - think indigenous.
- "Tour guide" - think contextualization.
I don't mean this to be negative at all - his session was good and he is a top-notch communicator. The content just wasn't new to me, which is certainly not a barometer of a good session or not.

::: Having Jeremy encourage Willow by having a worship band with diversity of musical style was good. Maybe it's just me, but is Willow really that white and suburban?

::: Three big things stood out to me and these made the conference a good investment of time:
1 - The concept of cultural freeze [from session 1]
2 - That we have to engage students in a much bigger story [from session 2]
3 - Conferences like this should be about paradigm shifting, not necessarily about implementation - because context and culture are significant. I think that definitely happened in session 2 [Donald Miller] and session 5 [Jeremy Del Rio].

Thanks again to Willow Creek for inviting me to be a part of the virtual side of the gathering.

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