Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What I've Done

Well, it's back to work for me for my last three days in Cubicle Nation. Here is a little bit about my little career break:

::: Movies
- The Illusionist
- Amazing Grace
- Music and Lyrics [D and I went to a 1.15 show on a Tuesday - what a life]

::: Reading
- started The Alchemist
unfortunately, not much more reading than that

::: Cooking [yes believe it or not and yes, Rachael Ray is my friend]
Chicken Parm Pizza [easy and turned out really good]
Cognac-Sauced Pepper Steaks [the steaks I bought were too thick and D had to bring the sauce to a higher boil - really tasty, but make sure the steaks are thin]
Paprika Smoked Onion Rings [what a mess after this one - not bad either but a lot of work and cleanup]

::: Misc
- bought $150 of hard drives
- reinstalled WinXP on an older desktop
- wired a Yamaha subwoofer to a new receiver and listened to some good old school music
- rebleached my basement floor [leftover from our sewage issue a little while ago]
- had lunch with Em at school
- went away with D
- talked to people on a ship in Europe via Skype
- Blogged about Willow Creek student ministries conference

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