Monday, March 19, 2007

Mission Team Applications

I like to read through mission team applications - it's okay, I know it might not rank high on most people's list of hobbies. I read through one tonight that was intriguing. Let me give you the breakdown:
- 5 total pages
- 2 pages of Involvement Policy
- 1 page of Trip Covenant
- 1 page of Liability Waiver [notarized please]
- 1 page of Medical Consent

One point about this app - it states that an interview is part of the process. But.. you might be wondering, like I am, where is the part about where the applicant gets to talk about themselves? Stuff like how God is leading me lately, what my personality is like, my motivation for trying to join a team, what my dreams are about this opportunity...

We use our application to find out a lot of information about potential team members. We want to know about you - to know what you value, what gets you excited, what you think you are great at, and what you might need a bit of help with. How you envision being an integral part of securing humanity's future. But absolutely for sure, I hope that our potential team members use the application to find out a lot about us too. Because we are surely dreaming about you, excited about you being involved, and know that the experience will stretch you, grow you, and get you more excited about God's plan for the world. We aren't really just dreaming about policy, consent and waivers.

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