Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hungary Team Leaders

From the left: ErinOB, moi, D, LB, GM and inserted with some mad Photoshopping skills, EGrab.

Some short introductions to tell you the caliber of these peeps:
ErinOB - over four years of staff experience with Young Life and serving now as GCC's senior high youth administrator. Knows how to organize a movement and get students to a direction.
D - will keep me in line along with experience with children's ministry and intuitive, one-to-one interaction. Connectedness, Belief and Responsibility strengths which will mean specific insight into serving the CA staff to depths others may not have insight into.
LB - third summer of SPACE leadership on a third continent. Third summer of seeing first hand what families are going through in the field and being able to bless them in those ends.
GM - second summer of SPACE leadership. Off the scale Realtor and special attachment to high school students. His somewhat ADD tendencies will be a major asset to speaking life into some third culture students. [I'm being serious here.]
EGrab - second summer of SPACE leadership. Been immersed in children's ministry as long as he has been alive.

My personal challenge may in fact be to get out of the way. It's going to be a lot of fun to lead with these folks.

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