Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Sheng invest

Some of you might be wondering what areas and ministries we have personally invested in. So here is an inside peek at our personal connections, areas of interest, and investments we make as a family.

* Two families in two different locations in Asia

* Two families that hosted SPACE teams
in Brasil and Cameroon. These are both GCC families.

* A family serving here in Columbia specifically with open air evangelism
I ran one week of beach evangelism with the father at OC, MD in 1992. He is an open air evangelist through and through.

* A family serving in College Park with campus ministry
Before their two kids, they were Dteam leaders with us and then left to pioneer a campus ministry in Melbourne. Back home now with two kids, they work on campus at College Park, MD.

* J - just getting ready to leave for Melbourne

* A GCC family serving in Western Europe
Friends that we met from GCC serving with a missions organization that has a specific focus for Europe.

* A Compassion child in Indonesia

I've been purposely obscure about names, missions organizations and any other pertinent details here because that is important for confidentiality. As you can see our interests lie in a few streams: old friends of ours, families that GCC has invested in, Asian cultures [of course, and I'm being serious here - because I'm Chinese], the 10/40 window, and Europe [because Europe is very post-Christian now].

These are our monthly contributions and don't think they are huge, because they are not. But, they are investments nonetheless, and we have a lot of fun with these connections all over the world. Every once in a while, we will also give away some money - which is also a lot of fun - based on various needs of people we know.

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