Monday, October 16, 2006

Blogger Beta

So I've been running the Blogger Beta for a little while now and everything seems pretty stable. Here are a few things that might be important to know for people planning on upgrading soon:

- I kept my existing template, since there was a lot of custom stuff I put into it from before. The template will upgrade. But if you want some of the cool stuff they did regarding templates [labels and other stuff], you will have to upgrade your template and start clean.
- For the labels, I acutally just hardcoded some of my commonly used labels and stuck it into my template.
- There is one rss feed that doesn't work anymore. So use this xml file and re-subscribe via your RSS reader. [Thanks LB for pointing this out to me. I didn't realize that feed was dead with the upgrade.]
- I like the labels feature a lot. It's very cool.
- Publishing posts is a lot faster. And when you make a template change, no need to republish.

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