Friday, October 20, 2006

Bora Bora?

Ok so most of you know the deal around here - we plan mission experiences mostly in light of strategic connections we have from the mother church already. Meaning that for student teams, our travel preferences take a back seat and we give a really strong preference to a connection with someone GCC has already partnered with in another area of the world. I'm proud to say in the last three summers, 100% of our overseas student teams have served with GCC families. [Well its only been three teams but still. 100% baby!] The benefits for this kind of partnership make it a no-brainer.

But if we were throwing strategy and synergy with our church out the window, Bora Bora would definitely be at the top of my list [just look at that locality.] So would Australia and Patagonia.

Of course, the people that live in Bora Bora need Jesus too. Amen to that - no arguments here. But getting back to reality - let's train up a generation of students that understand culture, context, strategy and partnership - all within the confines of a focus and direction for supporting and serving our existing partnerships around the world. Once we've got some students that graduate and really understand mission movements, then by all means, let's send send send them. When they get it, let's make sure we send them anywhere and everywhere God has laid on their hearts.

Of course, if God really wanted to see student teams in Bora Bora, isn't there a family around that is ready to move there? ;-)

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