Tuesday, October 10, 2006

MTF around the world

I went to our Missions Task Force meeting tonight. That's that thing that I'm supposed to be a part of but don't really go - unless I need some kind of approval. Tsk tsk tsk. Anyway, they changed the nights of the meetings which works a bit better for me and tonight they were having a few visitors - people that signed up in the latest round of getting people involved in different ministries at GCC. So I thought it would be nice that I go - and it was nice.

After some of the introduction about what the MTF does [budget, missionary care, short term trips, admin, education and promotion] for the visitors, we went around and everyone shared some quick information about our missionaries and what is going on with them. It was kind of a quick tour around the world - India, Cameroon, Brasil, Italy, the UK, Asia - after talking about these families, one person would pray for them. Pretty cool stuff.

It is vital that any student missions activity be linked with what the local church is doing around the world. Strategy and synergy with the adults - and your church's missionaries will love the connection with students.

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